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Lighten up!

Have you ever wondered why people say that laughter is the best medicine? Researchers have proven that laughter activates your brain at the same level as when you are mindfully meditating. That is why laughter not only increases your awareness, but it also has other health benefits such as reducing stress, blood pressure and pain within the body.

Other experts agree that laughter is good for the soul and lifts your spirits, but it helps to protect your body from disease and it helps your vital organs repair themselves. Health professionals also state that laughter is similar to a mild workout, because it exercises the muscles, boosts the immune system and increases blood flow. Sounds like we all need to laugh more often each day, so here are some tips!

Lighten up! Stop taking yourself and your life so seriously. Mistakes will happen and things will not always go your way, but things will work out fine. Just remember that the pendulum swings both ways; so don’t be hard on others, either. Look for the silver lining. Find something light or humorous about each situation, if possible. Learn to laugh over the little things. Spend time with positive people. Most positive people are also happy people. And happy people laugh more than others. They know how to laugh at themselves and find the humor in the everyday challenges of life. Funny memories. Surround yourself with things that bring back happy memories such as photos of loved ones or places you enjoyed visiting. Go see a funny movie or take a moment to remember a funny joke. Purchase lighter or brighter color tones when designing your home décor. It’s a great mood booster! Have fun and share a laugh! After all…laughter is the best medicine. PM

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