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Our minds do matter

Do you believe that a mood or an idea can trigger physical changes in the body that will have impactful changes and real consequences for the health of a person? Well…it’s true. That is just one example of the power of the mind!

Concepts like excitement and enjoyment depend on your higher mental process just as stress depends on another part of the process. Once your stress hormones enter the bloodstream, they can influence a host of processes in the body and the brain. It’s true that what may be stressful to you can be enjoyment to someone else such as a thrilling ride at an amusement park. The manner in which you process information mentally is like a lens that magnifies, shrinks, reflects signals from the outside world and it influences how the rest of your body reacts.

Many experts also agree that stress impacts more people when they are socially isolated. However, people with strong social support networks are better able to deal with stress and fully recover from its ill effects. What’s even more powerful is that the body can also take care of itself and heal itself in many situations, but in order to illicit the healing power of the mind, there must be some indication that someone cares. Consequently, the health of each individual’s mind depends in part on the health of the network as a whole. This suggests that our social networks need to be more responsible for the mental & physical health of each individual. In translation, this means that when a society amasses huge numbers of its strongest minds, it is truly a strong society. In the reverse, a society that leaves huge numbers of it’s weak and disadvantaged to fend for themselves, it's a sick society. If all of this is true, then we need to understand that we should care about the minds of others, because it impacts ours. If the mind matters, kindness and compassion should also matter. Think about it. PM



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