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Well, it's been about 30 days since the New Year arrived and the minutes, hours and days are flying by at a fast rate of speed. So, where are you in regards to your goals for 2015? Hopefully, you are not finding yourself in the same place that you were last year. If so, you really have some work to do to discover the answer to this question..."why?" Have you seen any improvement since December 31st? Are you using the same excuses as last year? Are you allowing the same barriers to hinder your growth? What small changes have you personally made to invest in you this year? Have you taken time in quiet meditation to prioritize your life spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially? Or are you still giving others authority over your life and giving your power away? It's time to check in with YOU to discover, who YOU really are and what YOU are here to do. Stop hiding and walk into the light, so that you can shine brightly! Stop blaming others, which only delays what you deserve to have and enjoy! Stop giving your power away to others, which they use to excel to higher heights while you are still left on the ground floor. THIS IS YOUR TIME! Are you ready to take flight yet? PM



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