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Fragrances 101

Many people enjoy wearing different fragrances, based on the setting, occasion or season. In addition, signature scents identify the people in your life and can be your calling card. However, we have to be mindful that we work in offices with others, who are highly allergic and very sensitive to scents. Therefore, we should wear our scents more sparingly when in the workplace. Here are some tips that may help you to find the scent that is right for you, so that you can apply a little, but make it last much longer throughout the day. Absolutes are pure, natural extracts and oils from flowers and other vegetable materials. Also, they tend to be very expensive for a small amount. Eau de Cologne is three to five percent oil in a mixture of alcohol and water. Typically, it is lighter and refreshing, because it may have a citrus oil component. Eau de Toilette contains about the same amount of perfume oil or possibly a little more than Eau de Cologne. It is also mixed with alcohol instead of water. Eau de Parfum has a higher percentage of perfume oil (roughly 15 to 18). It’s mixed with alcohol and it is more expansive than Eau de Cologne and Eau de Toilette. Perfume is 15 to 30 percent perfume oil mixed with alcohol. It is also more expensive than the previous versions, because of its high percentage of perfume oil. Learn which scents you enjoy the most and that works best with your body chemistry. If you want your scent to last longer, apply it to your pulse points. Your pulse points are: center of the neck, inner wrists, behind the ear and behind the knee. Fragrances consist of different notes or layers to retain their scent for minutes or for hours. Experts recommend that you shop for a fragrance late in the day, so that you can truly smell the fragrances working with your body chemistry. Another secret to prolong the scent on your skin, rub a bit of petroleum jelly on your skin where you place the perfume or apply it immediately after showering when the skin pores are open and will be absorbed more intensely into the skin. Enjoy scent shopping and find that special fragrance for you! PM

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