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Is your boss clueless?

It’s a fact that not all bosses are effective in their jobs. Some bosses motivate and bring out the best in their employees and others thrive on stomping the life out of their subordinates. Ineffective bosses are often clueless and tend to keep their employees up late at night or keep them on edge all the time. However, employees don’t need to learn how to be a sumo wrestler to manage the situation, but they can use the boss’s cluelessness to their advantage. It’s called idiot engineering! Boost your boss’s career. Diminish the boss’s ability to harm you by being an enhancement to boost the boss’s career. Listen intently and find out what’s important to the boss and then use that information to your advantage.

Play into the boss’s special interest. If the boss has a sports team or hobby that he/she is passionate about, begin to speak their language and show an interest in those areas, as well. You can also use the jargon from that area of interest to speak their language and to boost their confidence. The goal is to overcome the ineffective boss by blending your ideas with the boss’s agenda and language. If the boss uses your ideas as his or her own, that’s okay. Let it go! The boss has the institutional authority to do it. Besides your goal is to make your working conditions more livable during the workday until better job opportunities avail themselves. An employee of an ineffective boss must realize that the boss may be over their head and may feel insecure. When people are insecure they will spend the better part of each day defending their turf and doing what is necessary to keep others from realizing how unskilled they truly are. Many employees change jobs, because the situation becomes unbearable, but only use that as your last option. But always feel free to vote with your feet. PM **Excerpts taken from: "How to Work for an Idiot: Strive and Thrive Without Killing Your Boss" by John Hoover



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