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Increase your self-determination!

Self-determination is one of the characteristics needed to interrupt the way in which we are conditioned to think. However, experts agree that we must remain flexible to survive in this competitive world and that is where self-determination comes into play. We all have challenges when it comes to self-determination, but here are some tips that may help you along the way. Collect the gems. Experiencing shortfalls and failures are normal processes in life, but they are worth it when we take the time to collect the precious gems from each experience to improve our performance. Remain optimistic. Develop a clear vision. How can we get where we want to go, if we have no idea how to get there? Create a clear roadmap and blueprint to reach your desired results. Concentrate on your efforts. If we concentrate solely on our results, we will definitely be disappointed. Instead, we should concentrate on our efforts and make adjustments along the way when necessary. Search for solutions. Don’t waste our energy and time by focusing on the problem. Whatever we concentrate upon grows larger. Therefore, we must focus upon alternative solutions and keep moving! Take inventory. Make sure you are associating with positive minded people, who generate positive energy in your environment. Negative people will only delay us in reaching our goals. Let’s remain focused this year and get it done! PM **Stein Mart Dept Store was originally founded & located in Greenville, Mississippi, which is the heart & soul of the Delta.



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