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How millennials work best

When most of us think about millennials, we think about workers, who spend a large amount of time on their smart phones and managing their social media accounts. Experts estimate that 36% of today’s workforce is millennials and it is expected to grow to 46% by the year 2020. Along with this diverse change in workforce employees comes a gap in workplace expectations and values. How can two completely different generations work as a team in the workplace? Here are some tips to help baby boomers better understand the expectations of most millennials: Immediate learning opportunities & feedback. Many millennials grew up with Internet search engines and information at their fingertips, so they will be impatient when it comes to long-term learning opportunities & promotions. They will want to dive into a project or job task with little or no knowledge, because they want to ‘learn as they go.’ Show them how and where to access all the resources needed to access the information that is needed. Don’t micro-manage, but be supportive. Millennials tend to be more self-sufficient than previous generations, so give them immediate feedback on their job performance. If you wait until a mid-year of annual performance're too late!

Years of experience. Understand that millennials will have resumes full of shorter job stints, but job-hopping is normal for their generation. With multiple recessions and weak economies, they don’t expect employer loyalty and they don’t feel obligated to feel loyal to any employer, if their economic, emotional or social needs are not met. Employers should realize that millennials value money, time and relationships equally. Desire to be constantly challenged. Millennials get easily bored and seek constant mental stimulation, because they were raised on devices. Therefore, their norm is a faster lifestyle and work pace. Keep meetings focused and brief. Attempt to share information into shorter bits and allow them to make presentations on devices to keep them engaged. No clear distinction between work & life. Millennials also grew up with technology, so they believe that work can be performed anywhere at anytime. Therefore, they value flexibility and creativity more so than a regimented schedule with set hours. Allow them to take advance of telework situations, as much as possible, to gain the maximum productivity from them. Good luck! PM

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