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What type of energy do you emit? Humans are vessels of energy and energy never just transforms. It's a fact that you determine the kind of energy you create and whatever you create is shared with the world. Researchers also confirm that the type of energy you create and emit is the same type of energy that is returned onto you. You have a choice every moment of the day. You can determine to create positive or negative energy throughout your day. Here are a few ways in which you can create positivity throughout the day. Fact is when you are at are creating positive energy. Make a conscious effort to create more peace in your life and in the world. Namasté. Get in alignment with nature. Take a moment sometime during the day to enjoy a ray of sunlight, a raindrop on your face, a cool breeze blowing across your cheeks or the rustling of the leaves in the wind. Take a moment to remind yourself that everything in the universe moves in it's own natural cycle with or without your participation. Appreciate it. Release the need to control. De-stress by releasing the need to control everything and everyone in your environment. Align with the activities of the day and go with the flow. Notice the difference in how it made you feel. Take a deep breath and try it again the following day. See the positives in every situation. Resist the need to criticize, admonish, judge, condemn or speak negatively about anyone or any situation. Make an assertive effort to concentrate on the silver linings of each situation. You'll be surprised how you will actually change the way you think as you continue this practice each day. Stop worrying. You can worry, but what does it really change? It doesn't change the facts or the situation, but it will cause you mental stress and your health will suffer in the process. Let go of everything that you cannot control and accept the fact that you cannot control anything, but yourself. Worrying wastes positive and creates lots of negative energy.

Deposit positive energy into the universe and it will return it onto you. PM



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