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Leadership lessons from a leader

Much can be learned from benchmarking with seasoned workers and subject-matter-experts, so we all should take advantage of that opportunity more than we actually do. Here are some valuable leadership lessons that were recently shared by Cecilia Moore, Supervisory Environmental Scientist with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund Division in Chicago. What was your best leadership lesson? Leaders must understand the importance of political savviness and should get to know everyone in their office environment. It’s not enough to do a great job, if senior managers don’t know you exist. What do you look for in potential employees when making hiring decisions? I look for integrity, consistent work record, the ability to work independently and on a team, innovative thinking, eagerness to learn and honesty. What is your weakness and how do you compensate for it? I have a tendency to become overly focused on workplace fires that I have to remind myself to take a walk or come out of my workstation. Engaging staff and managers is equally important in ensuring the work products from my group align with the agency’s goals. What motivates you? God, because he is the source of everything I need to succeed in every area of my life. Also, my family motivates me, specifically my children, because I want to live my life in a manner that teaches them by example the principles of hard work and dedicated service. PM

**Courtesy of Government Executive Magazine

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