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The 6 most desirable job skills

College graduates, new hires and job applicants desire to know what skills managers want to see in the most successful candidate. If you want to excel above the pack, you may want to work on improving these transferrable skills before your next job interview. Teaming. You must be able to work well with others in a professional manner. Period. No one has time for people, who are disruptive and counterproductive in their daily job tasks. If you cannot work with others…you are a recipe for failure. Customer Service. It’s imperative to have excellent customer service skills since you will probably be responsible for selling a service or a product. It is also very helpful to have effective listening skills, patience and conflict resolution skills when dealing with customers of all types. You must be forever mindful that you will represent your employer in all that you say and do. Leadership. Successful organizations want effective leaders, who are visionary. Also, they must be able to communicate ideas, persuade and convince others and challenge procedures & policies in a responsible way to make positive impactful changes. Negotiation. Hiring officials desire employees, who actively work toward agreements that involve the exchange of resources and who can resolve differences. Teaching others. It is always desirable to employ those persons, who are successful in teaching and training others. This enables your team and organization to grow stronger and to become more effective. Working with diversity. Our workforce is more diverse; therefore, successful candidates must be able to work well with others of diverse backgrounds. Review the tools presently in your toolbox and determine, if you have these tools or need to acquire them or need to improve upon them. They will definitely help you propel your career to new heights. PM



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