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Where are you?

Where are you? Who are you? Are you the person we see each day? Or is the real you really buried inside of that beautiful frame that you are housed in? Are you really happy behind the smile that you wear? Is your life as perfect as you portray it to be? In summary, are you pretending to be someone that you are not? And if so…why? Many people mask who they really are and pretend to be who they are not, because of fear. Fear of what you ask? It’s the fear of not being liked or wanted or admired. That is a real fear for many people, but it should not be. Wouldn’t you rather be liked or admired for who you really are? What is wrong with the way you were beautifully and uniquely made? There is no other person in the world uniquely 100% made the way you were created. How marvelous is that? How would you really feel, if you were totally a carbon copy of someone else and nothing about you made you unique in any way? If you were completely the same as someone else, you would not be noticed at all. The thing about pretense is that it will fade at some point and the real you will be unmasked. Then what? Pretending takes an extremely large amount of energy and investment of time that could certainly be used in a more productive way. Wouldn’t you rather be embraced and appreciated for the authentic person you are? Think about it, only authentic people truly have authentic relationships and friendships. There is no unmasking. What you see is really what you get and it is accepted and appreciated. If that is not the case, then you may be in the wrong relationship. What’s so terribly wrong with the way that you were beautifully made? Each of us was created this way for a specific reason and purpose. Should we strive to improve ourselves each day? Certainly! It’s called growth and we should be transforming a bit each day just like a flower starts from a bud and grows into a beautiful flower or a root that gains strength and grows into a strong massive tree. Beauty begins within. When you begin to embrace the beauty within you it will spring forth and be seen by others on the outside. What’s in the heart shines brighter than any expensive clothes, cosmetics, hair adornments, fragrances will EVER accomplish for you. Don’t let your most precious asset lie dormant. Your richness lies deep within. Pull it up, wear it with pride and let it shine brightly around you! We’re waiting to see YOU! PM



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