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Is your productivity slowly dying?

Let’s face it, there are days when we feel that we come up short and we’re unable to focus and accomplish much of what we wanted to do that day. Do you feel like you are marching in place? Are you spinning your wheels? Going in circles? Feel like a hamster on a wheel?

You may be killing your productivity! Here are some tips to revive your productivity, so that you can reach those epic goals you have set for yourself this year. Too many meetings. Why is it essential to accept an invite to every meeting, teleconference call or discussion invitation that is forwarded to you? Do you take the time to ask the meeting organizer what they hope to gain from the session? Why is the meeting necessary? Can the objective be reached by other means? How do they really want you to contribute to the process? Here’s a news flash…it’s okay to ask questions and make inquiries! Give yourself permission to investigate further and then decide, if it’s necessary for you to attend. Maybe you can contribute in an other way that requires a smaller investment of time and resources. Impulsive web-browsing. If you are browsing the web then you are mindlessly wasting valuable time. It means your mind is drifting and it’s time to refocus. There are two types of people in this world: 1) drifters wander aimlessly through the world without purpose; therefore, they blow to and fro like the wind without reaching a final destination. 2) Non-drifters are purposeful and they are determined to take control of their lives and to meet their goals. Decide which one you desire to be this year and commit to it. Over commitment. Is your calendar becoming an obstacle course of daily events? I wonder who placed all those things on your calendar? I’d bet it’s the same person, who can also take them off. YOU! Determine what has to be completed now and what can wait or be eliminated altogether. Leave room on your calendar for rest and unexpected contingencies that crop up in life. Avoid over committing yourself. Destructive Permissions. When we reach a goal or accomplish a huge feat, it’s natural to celebrate and to reward yourself. But we should seriously look at what we are doing. Are we really awarding ourselves when we celebrate with a cigar, multiple cocktails or an unhealthy meal? If we are celebrating in self-destructive ways, we are really taking several steps back when we should continue to step forward. Find productive and healthy ways to reward yourself. Procrastination and delay. When we delay tasks or procrastinate on what should be done, we are delaying our success. How much more successful can you be, if you take time to get it in gear and to just do it? You may be able to accomplish more than you planned for the year, if you tackle each task head on and just do it! Maintain focus. PM



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