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Is social media impacting your job & educational options?

Many people are connected to the Internet through social media for various reasons. Some people are connected for gaming purposes, maintaining connections to family and friends or to promote their business interests. But do your posts and connections impact your ability to be hired, promoted or possibly admitted into some educational institutions? Can your information be viewed by others? The answers to each of those questions is a resounding…YES! First of all, you must understand the definition of the Internet. It is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol to link several billion devices worldwide. Get it? Your privacy controls mean very little. As a matter of fact, privacy is really a thing of the past. An antique. The human resource industry developed software years ago that they have been actively using to evaluate the characteristics and personality of potential hires. It’s called social sensing. Years ago, employers used to require job applicants to take personality tests, so that they can assess your aptitude and ability to learn, team and get along with others. Today, they can simply review your posts, tweets, comments and opinions to assess your character, personality, interests and mental stability. You are what draws your attention and what you invest time into. Therefore, this information represents you as a person. For example, if you constantly post or re-tweet comments about a political or social issue, it’s a high probability that you passionate about it. If you’re posting suggestive or unethical material or always commenting on programs that contain murder scenes, kidnapping or terrorist acts, employers feel that you may be volatile in high-pressure situations; therefore, you may not be a suitable candidate for hiring. Workplace violence is real and it is on the rise in almost every country. This information is also be used in the same vain to evaluate college admission and acceptance. Educational institutions also want to know how volatile a student may be, because we too often hear about active shooters on our school campuses. Therefore, reviewing social media profiles on people, their likes, dislikes, interests, passions, etc., help establish a personality profile that gauges the threat level of an individual. In addition, your pictures, videos, selfies and visuals are viewed. If you take a moment to think about it, many people are posting enough information for any person, company or government to establish a profile on each family member and friend, who is in your life. This includes your children and your grandchildren’s information, as well. It may be prudent to think more about your activity on the Internet and view what you are posting from another perspective. If it posts…it can be viewed on the global network. PM



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