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Poor customer service can work in your favor!

None of us enjoy a poor customer service experience, but it does happen. The workforce has drastically changed and business strategies are different, so more patience is needed on behalf of the customer. I recently experienced a large financial snafu with a major online retailer, who touts a high-level of customer service in their vision and mission statements. I’ve been a loyal customer since their inception more than 10 years ago, so I was surprised that I could not reach a customer service representative, who could assist me or resolve my issue. What did I do? I searched the Internet until I secured the email address of the CEO of the company! I’m sure the CEO had ‘people’ to manage his email account and communications, but I didn’t care. I wanted to be heard and I wanted my issue to be resolved, so that I didn’t incur a financial burden that was no fault of mine. I took the time to send a thorough summary of the incident and I also quoted their vision and mission statements and referred to the testimonial that was posted on their website and I also reminded them that I’ve been a loyal customer since their company was launched. Within 3 business days, I received an email and a call from one of the company executives and she apologized for the incident and immediately initiated action to resolve my issue and she stayed in constant communication with me until it was fully resolved nearly a month later. She also offered me a $50 eGift card to use on their website. Now that is a sign of a good company, who values their customers. Besides, no company or their stockholders want their company viewed in a bad light. With the evolution of social media, no company wants to be slammed with negative comments or rants that may instantly go viral and get picked up by the media outlets. I know that everyone doesn’t have the time or interest to provide feedback regarding daily experiences and transactions. Please note that I’m just as diligent in sending positive feedback when I have great customer service experiences, because those workers should recognized and rewarded for their efforts, as well. Bad customer service experiences aren’t warranted, but I encourage you to make them worth your while when they happen. It is an opportunity for the company to re-train their staff and to improve service to the buying public. However, providing feedback can also result in discounts, eGift cards, free shipping or some incentive to keep you as a customer. So make those unpleasant experiences work for you! PM



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