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New beginnings

January is the first month in each New Year and it symbolizes new beginnings. In order to assess where we are going, we must take an objective look at where we’ve been. What worked last year? What didn’t work? What were some of the lessons that were learned that you should carry forth into this New Year? The best way to determine what worked and what didn’t is to ask yourself a simple question. Did you grow and produce last year? Let’s take a brief look at a plant. It grows and thrives with the essential amount of sunlight, nutrients, water, and fertile soil in a non-toxic environment. Let’s take a brief look at your life. Can you say the same? How fertile is your ground? If you are not planting seeds in fertile soil, how can you expect successful results or a bountiful harvest? Are you experiencing blockages that prohibit the sunlight and water to reach the seeds of potential growth in your life? Are you living in a toxic environment or maintaining toxic relationships that stunt your growth? Are you carrying around pain, resentment, fear which are barriers that hold you back? Here’s something that you should know and consider. You are where your thoughts take you and you have the ability to control your thoughts. How is what you’re doing actually working for you? Are you more loyal to your dysfunction than you are to positive change in your life? If so, that may be why you are getting less than successful results. It’s a New Year and time to take it to the next level. Come up higher! Too often we are living too low and there is no happiness or productivity in the low places. It’s time to mature your inner being on every level, so that you can prosper! Is your current system appropriate for your level of maturity? Put away all ineffective ways, characteristics and systems! Bury them and don’t bring them into the New Year! You don’t want to continue to limit your potential. Eliminate all the poison and toxic things and relationships in your life, so that you can thrive and grow! Make a shift NOW! Don’t spend another year operating in a system where you are UNDER people that you should be OVER and leading! This is YOUR year! Get a new PERSPECTIVE and come into a place of PROMOTION! PM



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