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The first week back to work is kinda’ rough, huh? I think you are in good company this week. Transitioning from a few days of celebration to tackle a stack of emails and to sit in a series of meetings can be challenging. But guess what? You can do it! It just requires rest and focus. It’s time to get back on a work schedule, so that you can give your work your best effort. You must get organized again and ensure that your body gets enough rest, so that you can feel refreshed each morning. The artificial jolts of coffee and energy drinks are brief and will bring you down as fast as gravity, so don’t depend on it. Let’s go for a more permanent solution and lifestyle change. Minimize your gadgets and devices and give yourself a break. You don’t have to jump back into the first week of work trying to be a superman or woman. Ease back into your work schedule. Get some fresh air during your break. Inhale fresh air to stimulate your brain cells and to get out of the office. Take a moment to enjoy nature. If it’s sunny, take a moment to feel the sunshine. If it’s raining, enjoy the refreshing water that purifies the earth. If it’s cold, enjoy the cool breeze against your cheeks. Develop an appreciation of all things, because they each serve a purpose and contribute to the cycle of life just as you do. Prioritize your tasks and allocate your time carefully. If you’re normally a morning person, complete the tasks that require the most concentration and effort during the morning hours while you are fresh. If you’re not, then you may want to start on those creative tasks in the morning then give yourself time to awaken before you start on the more substantial tasks in the afternoon. Know your body clock. Most of all, you must train your brain! Minimize distractions for small amounts of time and then build it up, so that you can gradually do it for longer periods of time. Your brain is a powerful muscle...use it to your benefit, so that you can bring all things in life into focus! PM



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