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Your special day!

How special are you? Do you know how really special you are? Do you know that your personality, character, skills and mannerisms make you uniquely who you are? How are you using all of your unique qualities? All that you possess is needed for a specific purpose along this journey we call life. We are like pieces of a puzzle. We don’t always see it when it happens, but each piece that is formed from the time of our birth to this very hour will be used to put together a large and complete puzzle. And it’s a beautiful picture! Even the worn and torn pieces will be used, which symbolize the pitfalls and large holes that tripped us up along the way. Some scars may remain, but they will heal and you will learn from those lessons and move on. They, too, will be used to make us better and to remind us to recognize that hole the next time we see it in our pathway. Not only will those pitfalls benefit you and make you stronger, they will benefit others and make the world a better place in small and large ways. You may not realize it, but others are always watching you. Some even quietly admire you and emulate the things that you do. They are also watching to see how you handle adversity and the challenges that come with daily living. You are setting an example for someone and you may not be consciously aware of it. What example are you setting each day? Is it a positive one? I hope so. Embrace your specialness. Grow and mature in it. Shine forth. Someone needs your light, so share it with them along with a smile! PM



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