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The holidays are nearly upon us and it’s time to finalize and check off your outstanding items. Here are a few things to remember that may help you make your holiday a successful one. If you’re traveling…pack your patience. We all know the roadways and airways will be busy and full of travelers seeking to accomplish the same goal. That is to spend the holiday with family and friends. Get some rest prior to the start of your journey and be safe. You may need it. If you’re cooking or preparing the feast…may the force be with you. No doubt you will be serving some holidays favorites, but there is usually one person, who is difficult to please. Don’t take it personally and don’t stress yourself out. Move forward by planning your meal in advance, organizing everything that is needed from the table setting to the serving dishes and then delegate non-essential tasks to other family members. There is plenty of work to go around. As you know, gift giving can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be a budget-buster. Stay in control and don’t buckle under peer pressure. Your financial situation or financial goals may be different than anyone else’s. Know thyself and know thy limits. Be safe and have a wonderful holiday! PM **NOTE: Paula’s Perspectives will be on holiday until January 5th. Happy New Year!



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