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How to manage arguments & disagreements

The holiday season is when we desire to end the year with a joyous spirit and wait the arrival of a new year. Don't let holiday arguments and disagreements spoil this joyous occasion for you. Understanding how you respond to conflict can also help you understand yourself and how conflict develops. We quickly recognize arguments from loud verbal confrontations, but they also arise from nagging, hints at problems, defensive personalities and underlying bitterness and resentment that isn't voiced. Some of the warning signs are: a) voicing negative thoughts of others; b) responding with short and curt replies; c) questioning people in a confrontational way; d) avoiding eye contact; e) avoiding the opportunity to show affection. If you display any of these signs, acknowledge what you are feeling and pinpoint the cause and not the symptom. Don't continue to attack others and make them suffer through your symptoms. Identify your triggers and self-talk yourself to a calmer state when anger arises. Find a quiet place to calm yourself. Also, find ways to resolve your issue or seek assistance and support from positive people and/or resources in your community. Take the first step to change yourself and to become a better you. A new year awaits you! In essence, you aren't just changing are changing your life for the better. PM



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