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How to deal with holiday hostility

With the holidays...comes what? Family gatherings! And with family gatherings...comes what? This is where you provide the answer to this question. There will either be peace or drama at your holiday table. Your response will be predicated on how you act and respond to your loved ones. Each day is an opportunity to heal relationships, but the holidays are a special opportunity to forgive, release and heal those contentious relationships with family and friends. If you have a spiritual reason for the season, this is your opportunity to walk the walk. Don't let another year pass without unloading the emotional baggage and burdens that you carried for over 300 days of this year. Unload it, so that you don't buckle under the pressure of the weight. Here are some tips that will help you be successful in this endeavor. Go in peace! PM

Accept what you cannot control. It is sometimes painful to accept what you cannot control, but forgiveness requires perseverance and it will take time. We cannot control others; however, the greatest lesson we can teach will be seen and heard through our actions. Our actions and responses should always create serenity and peace within ourselves. Anything less is not acceptable. If this is going to be a difficult task for you, say a Serenity Prayer and practice the words that you speak through this prayer. Make the first move. The greatest gift you can give yourself is mending a split member in your family. Your need to be right is not greater than healing the relationship with a loved one. Resolving discord takes time and healing. Be patient. Stop taking inventory of the faults of others. You would not want them to do the same to you. Build a new and stronger foundation with new blocks of forgiveness. Don't allow the empty chair at the table remain empty another year. Forgive. Bless. Release. Honorable people honor obligations. Keep the pacts with people, who are important to you and don't make an obligation unless it is made from the heart and you have every intention to honor it. An obligation is an action you want to take to bring joy to others. It should not be about you and it should not be viewed as a chore. The discipline of honoring our obligations pays off in huge ways!

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