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Criticism can work in your favor!

Managing criticism in a positive way is an important life skill. However, it is difficult to accept at times. You can deal with it in one of two ways: you can use the valid points to improve or you can respond in a negative way with aggression and anger. However, here are some useful tips to consider when criticism is directed towards you: Don't immediately respond. Criticism is difficult to handle, so we naturally erect emotional barriers to soften the blow. It's important not to immediately respond to criticism when it comes your way. Give yourself time to cool down and consider each point and marinade over it. Which points are valid? Are there valuable lessons embedded in the information you just received? Does it contain information that you can use for future reference that may yield better results next time? Think about it in an objective manner. Close your mouth and keep an open mind. Give yourself time to think about each point and determine the validity of all or a portion of what's being conveyed to you. Keep your mouth closed for now, but keep an open mind. Learn from anyone and everyone. The most successful people are wise enough to know that they can learn from anyone and everyone. Don't overlook the golden nuggets that are being offered to you daily. Do not be judgmental of the messenger conveying the message. Instead, embrace the message. Is there room for improvement? Evaluate the criticism to determine where you can make adjustments and improve next time. Mistakes are nothing more than learning opportunities. Criticism can actually work in your favor, so don't miss the opportunity! PM



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