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What does your integrity gauge reflect?

What is the most important character trait to you when it comes to business deals and leadership principles? Business experts all agree that integrity ranks as #1 in their book! Most CEO's and high-ranking officials desire to hire employees, whose hands are disciplined by the integrity of their soul and who follows the rules without question, whether someone is watching or not. But how many of us can be trusted to do the right thing at all times? To respond to that question, each person must look at their default settings when it comes to moral and ethical behavior. Even when making a mistake or misjudgement, do you seek to correct the behavior, learn from the incident and seek self-improvement? Or are you tempted to explain away your misdeeds, find excuses, place inappropriate blame on others or intellectually wrestle with ways to rationalize your behavior? True integrity requires a large degree of courage and transparency. People with a high degree of integrity will do what they say they will do. The substance of their hearts is expressed through their actions. Integrity is also crucial when maintaining a healthy and purposeful alliance. Needless to say, it is also an important element that forms the foundation of any relationship, whether is professional, casual or intimate. So, check the integrity gauge of all of your relationships and don't forget to check your personal gauge, as well. PM



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