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Smile! We smile when we feel good or endure a pleasant experience, but we should really smile more, because it helps to improve our health. In addition, it makes us look attractive. (wink! wink!) Here are some health benefits to consider each time you smile. After you read them...go out there and smile more. Share your personal sunshine with the world! Changes your mood. Smiling tricks your body into believing that you are in a good mood, so your body responds in kind by repairing and healing itself. Stress relieving. A smile is a natural stress reliever. It's difficult to be angry, be in a sour mood and to have your face wrinkled when you are smiling. Smile and lower your blood pressure a few notches. Smiling will also boost your immune system! Lifts your face. Yes...smiling is a natural face lifter and makes you look younger. Is there a better reason to smile? :-) Keeps you feeling positive. Smiling can also help you stay mentally positive about life and keep worry and depression at bay. Releases endorphines. Endorphines are natural pain killers, so smile through your difficult moments of your day and through those headaches when they arise. Smiling is contagious! Smiling draws people to you, because others are drawn to you when you are upbeat and positive about life. They want to be part of your light, so smile. It's contagious!! PM

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