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What's your likeability factor?

How would you rate yourself when it comes to likeability? How will your friends and colleagues rate you? If they will not rate you as high as you would rate yourself, how do you boost your likeability factor? Author, Tim Sanders, explores the subject of likeability in greater depths. Tim states that research proves that people choose who they like. He also states that the more you are liked, the happier your life will be. Also, Tim's book, The Likeability Factor, goes on to explain that your likeability is based on four elements and your actions can boost your factor. Briefly they are:

Friendliness. Are you open to others? How well do you communicate with others?

Relevance. Where do you stand when it comes to relevance to others? Do you connect to the needs and wants of others?

Empathy. Do you often identify with the feelings and experiences of others?

Realness. Are you authentic or do you hide behind a mask and pretend with others?

Take a look at these four areas to determine how you rank. Maybe you want to boost your rating. Go for it! What do you have to lose? PM



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