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We all are making efforts to accomplish as much as we can each day, but it never seems to be enough. How can some people excel and accomplish more than others? Much of it has to do with organization, prioritization and delgation. We must first realize that time is the most precious asset we possess, because it is a non-renewable resource. Once each second on the clock expires, you can never recover it no matter how hard you try. As a leader, you should invest your efforts and focus on activities that nobody else can complete and delgate other responsibilities as a form of time management. To create more time for yourself, it is essential to delegate more routine tasks even if you can accomplish the task better and faster. Effective leadership requires delegating tasks to others and then helping them to match or exceed your personal standards. In doing so, it is also necessary to give the delegate clear instructions and objectives. You must also ensure that the delegate has all the necessary tools, resources and time needed to accomplish all delegated tasks. Allow the delegate to develop and execute their own plan and keep you fully informed of their progress. As a leader, you can monitor the progress of the work with a system of written briefs or reports or meetings to observe the delegate's performance. Just remember that delegation builds confidence and boosts workplace morale, so set high targets in your agreement with your delegate, provide the necessary tools, resources and support and then watch them soar. Then take that extra time to perform your job tasks and excel in your career! PM



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