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How impactful are your decision-making skills?

We all make decisions each day and each decision requires a series of other decisions such as: Who to involve? What are the alternatives? What are the risks and consequences? Many times, we are required to make effective decisions quickly? Timing is everything. You cannot make a positive impact upon any situation if you make the right decision at the wrong time. Does your decision require an immediate response or has a deadline been established? Making no decision at all is a decision in itself, but it could possibly be a fatal one. Usually, the sooner a decision is made, the better. Here are some decision-making tips that can help you improve your skills. Seek guidance. If time is available and you are unsure about a decision, seek guidance from a trusted colleague before deciding on the best course of action. Consider all options. Believe it or not, some decisions are decided for you when options dwindle and time runs out. Others decisions have several options, so weigh each of them carefully using a systematic approach. Assess the validity of each and the likely consequences. If necessary, solicit ideas and gather relevant information from others you trust. Manage the process. The best decisions are generated by using an effective process or system. a) identify and focus on the objective; b) analyze relevant factors and information; c) consider all alternatives; d) select the best option possible; e) execute your decision and then f) evaluate the results. The best leaders seek to develop and improve their decision-making skills, which also increases their success in an impactful way. Always work on upgrading your techniques to stay ahead of the game. PM



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