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Managing conversations at holiday events

The holiday season is upon us and so are the office and holiday parties. How comfortable are you in encouraging conversations or maintaining discussions with colleagues and people you are meeting for the first time? Lunches, parties and celebrations are important to foster easy exchanges of information and ideas. It's also easy to start friendships and smooth working relations between people when socializing outside the office. These events are opportunities to be in the center of the social circle and to participate in conversations that will lead to greater things. There are ways to keep the conversation light while sharing information and extracting information that is helpful to you and your career. Here are some leading questions that may help. a) Did you vacation this year? Where did you go? b) What are your favorite part(s) of your job? c) What was the best advice that you received early in your career? d) Have you seen any movies that you can recommend? Have you read any good books lately? e) How did you get into your industry? f) What's one of your goals for 2015? Social settings for the holiday are great opportunities to shine and to gain additional exposure, so keep the conversations going during the events and most of all...remember to have a good time! PM



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