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Why you should journal at work

I know that many people journal at home to preserve information about their personal journey, but do you need a professional journal? A professional journey can be very beneficial to you! Why not catalog your professional career, so that you can remember the highlights of your most successful projects, record your most effecttive business strategies and recall your most successful results? It may be prudent to do so for several reasons: Job interviews. As you matriculate through your career and apply for higher-paying positions, most hiring officials will ask you to cite examples of your most challenging work by sharing a brief background of a situation, outline the problem, how you analyzed the situation and how you reached successful business results. If you maintain an office journal, it will be easy to study notes a few days before your scheduled interview to refresh your memory of some of your most important accomplishments. Leadership & management programs. Your information will also be easier to recall and document when completing applications for management and leadership programs. Again, most programs will ask you to cite examples of your work as a part of their evaluation process. Membership in professional organizations. Most organizations want you to list your professional accomplishments as part of the application review process prior to be being accepted as a member. Job applications. Also, most job applications require your job history with dates, position and sometimes a brief summary of the position. A professional journal can help you recall the required information. Performance evaluations. Last, but not certainly least, your professional journal can assist you in refuting a poor performance appraisal or dispute information that your manager may have considered in error while rating your job performance. Maintaining a professional journal will also enable you to write a very effective self-assessment of your job performance. As you can see, there are multiple benefits of maintaining a journal at the office, so...start journaling! PM



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