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Is your life a constant emergency?

Does it feel like your life is one constant emergency after another? Some people create their own storms and then they are surprised when it rains. But the good news is that you don't have to live that way. Life becomes less stressful when you take a few minutes prior to the start of your day to prioritize your tasks and to get organized. Life and work can be so much more enjoyable when you effectively manage it. Here are a few tips to start your different today: Arrive on time. Your day begins in a calmer manner when you've allowed adequate time to prepare for your commute to work and your actual workday. People often remain distressed when they start out the day with a late arrival. Take 5. Take five minutes at the beginning of your day to prioritize your daily tasks and start with a clear slate. What tasks can be combined or re-scheduled for another day? What tasks must be done today? What tasks should be completed by mid-day? Prioritize your emails and voice mail messages, so that you can give the most urgent matters your undivided attention and focus. Brainstorm session. Take a few minutes in your day to check-in with your colleagues, so that you can stay up to date on the latest news, upcoming projects and organizational changes that my impact your strategic plan. It's wise to stay plugged-in. Organize your workspace. It's a fact that you can get more done when your workspace is organized and you know exactly where to find everything. Don't waste time in your day on a treasure hunt for items that are necessary to perform your daily work tasks. Get organized! Utilize all available resources. Fully exploit the critical software programs that are available to you to ease your workload. Don't avoid technology...embrace it to make your life easier. Give these tips a try and take charge of your life again, so that you can enjoy the journey. PM



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