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We all eventually face tough decisions on the job that challenge our ethics. How will you react when it happens? Do you feel that you will do the right thing? First of all, I think it's important to realize that personal ethics is no different than workplace ethics. Most of us have experienced or witnessed unethical behavior in our workplace. However, ethics is about making the right choices and taking actions that will shape our lives and impact our reputation. We should be making ethical choices, whether the leadership of our organization is modeling good ethical behavior or not. If we follow the lead of unethical people or organizations then we are no better than them. Why? Because our ethics sends a strong message! It is the standard of conduct that we establish for ourselves, whether someone is watching or not. It's also important to establish your personal values and to establish boundaries and limits, so you know when not to cross the line. Every workplace should require ethics as part of their performance criteria, as well. Many employers take it one step further by requiring employees to ensure they are not giving the 'appearance' of wrong doing. That can certainly be the grounds for the termination of employment, although you have not actually commited an act of wrong doing. One thing is for sure...making ethical decisions allows us to avoid embarassing scandals that drive away potential mentors, advocates and customers.

Remain above reproach while performing your daily job tasks. It can boost your professional reputation in tremendous ways! PM

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