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7 ways to boost your brain power!

Can you believe that a relaxing weekend can boost your brain power and intellect? Well, it can, according to research conducted by Cambridge University. It is proven that relaxation brings your nervous system back into balance and has other health benefits. So, here are a few more things that will help your mental superpowers: Exercise more! There is definitely a link between physical exercise and mental health. Experts agree that jogging a couple of times a week improves mental recall and re-energizes the brain. Ingest more magnesium. Magnesium enriched foods such as broccoli and spinach can improve learning in both younger and older people. Mow the lawn. Researchers have discovered that a chemical released by lawn mowing relieves stress and makes people happier. Researchers also believe that it helps to decrease mental decline. An afternoon nap. Afternoon naps significantly impacted the brain's capacity to retain memory. Chocolate, Chocolate! Experts agree that chocolate boosts short-term memory and improves heart health & blood circulation. Take in more sunshine. A larger dose of Vitamin D may boost your intellect and prevent dementia and the sun is our largest source of natural Vitamin D. So, get out there, enjoy the sunshine and boost your brain power!! PM



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