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When your friend becomes your boss

You've been best friends for years. You've been through the good times and the struggles together. You know each others strengths and weaknesses. Effective today, this friend instantly becomes your boss. Now what?? This scenario happens quite often and it is now a more difficult relationship to manage. Here are some tips to help you navigate this challenging situation. Accept that your relationship will change. You can remain friendly, but you must respect and acknowledge the professional barriers that now exist. There should now be a shift in your relationship and if so, accept it and get comfortable with it until one of you move to another position. Do not ask for favors. Respect the professional relationship by not asking for favors. Do not put your friend in a precarious position and do not compromise the position of your new boss. Have an honest conversation. Sit down and have an open-hearted and honest conversation about this new situation. These are new roles for both of you. Adjustments, not assumptions, are required now, so talk it through. Be professional at all times. Act and perform your work professionally and do not take criticism personally.'s business! Don't compromise confidentiality. The two of you know things about one another that should remain confidential. Do not share information about each other. There are things that no one needs to know and it is not your story to tell. Remain close-lipped and respect the professional and personal relationship at the same time. Be supportive. Remain objective and calm at all times and provide support. The support of a good friend is always important. Be your new bosses loudest cheerleader and have fun! PM

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