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Are you ready for the next emergency?

Are you ready for an emergency at home AND at the office? If you work in a mid-rise or high-rise building, are you prepared to walk several flights of stairs to exit the building under emergency conditions? Is there any gas in your car to evacuate the area or are you driving on fumes? If you're unable to exit, do you have standard first aid items, emergency water and non-perishable snacks to sustain you for a few hours until emergency personnel arrives? I know emergencies are not everyday occurences, but they happen more often than you realize and they can happen at anytime. Security personnel in most companies and agencies will tell you that they are only responsible for getting people to safety. They are not equipped to treat injuries, supply water for meds or food for nourishment. That is the responsibility of each individual. Therefore, it may be prudent to ensure that you have a small first aid kit not only in the trunk of your vehicle and your house, but also in your workplace. Building emergencies at the office also requires all employees to exit without delay. Therefore, it's recommended that ladies should be prepared to ditch the stilettos and high-heels and keep a pair of flats or athletic shoes nearby. A building emergency is not the time to look like a runway model. The point is to be prepared for emergencies no matter where you are. offers several great tips, but here are just a few: a) always keep a full tank of gas or a half tank minimum. Also, be familiar with alternate routes in case of evacuation. b) Designate a place to meet or gather to ensure everyone is safe. c) Build an emergency supply kit, as recommended by FEMA. Be prepared and stay prepared. Taking a few precautions could save your life or someone you love. PM



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