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Are you an influencer?

Do you want to be more powerful and influential? Do you want to have a greater impact or increase your effect upon others? Good news! All of that is achievable. You must begin by definining your goals. How will you know where you want to go, if you have no idea where you want to be? Take time to think about your goals and be very specific. You don't want to just land anywhere. Have a specific destination in mind. The next thing you should do is listen to your spirit. Some people call it your conscience or your inner voice. The label is not as important as the information that is being conveyed to you. Discern and sift through the information and advice that is given to you by others. Is it meaningful? Is it useful? What is the short or long-term benefit? Does it help me to stretch and grow? What are your specific gifts, talents and skills? In other words, what is in your toolbox? Tools provide assistance when needed, so if they are in your box...they are there for you to use and to help you win! Next, you should do is discover or identify your influencing skills. a) Do you influence people through logic, reasoning, analytics or statistics? b) Do you influence through your conversations with others or bridge building? c) Do you influence through team building as you work toward common team goals? d) Do you influence through your image (dress, stature, walk or talk)? e) What about influencing through credibility? Do you communicate information and advice that has been tested, tried and true? f) Do you influence by sharing power or exerting power? There are several techniques that can be used to influence others and you may use a combination of these techniques or others. Be sure to assess where you are and what will be beneficial for you to use to achieve your goals. Be flexible, based on the range of influence needed to reach your destiny and periodically evaluate what is working and what is not. PM



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