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Are you transforming & changing?

The rate, length and time of your transformation and growth is going to be unique to you. However, it is required of each of us, if we are going to improve ourselves and the quality of our lives. It is also necessary, if we desire to be disciplined and hope to master ourselves. If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change and why? Change is not only a physical event that is visible to others, it is also refers to external thoughts. However, transformation refers to a more internal change where you form new mental conversations and thoughts that are invisible to the physical eye. If you want to change or transform, it's simple. Allow it to happen! Don't focus on your problems, challenges or obstacles. Instead, focus upon your processes. What's working for you? What isn't working?

Maybe you should change the way you speak. Evaluate your conversations and commit to re-phrasing your words, thoughts, ideas and attitude. Let go and shake off old conversations, thoughts and burdens that induce suffering. You don't need it! You cannot take flight, if there is too much baggage on board. Are your conversations positive or negative? Are they uplifting or demeaning? Are you setting your own expectations or adhering to the expectations of others? Are you striving to reach your personal best? Or are you worried about what someone is doing to the right and left of you? The best thing you can do is...BE YOU! If there is something you don't like about you...give yourself permission to change it. Are you afraid of change? If so, why? What part of it is so frightful to you? How will you overcome this fear? What would you do, if this fear was not present? Begin to develop a plan to overcome your burdens and challenges. Simple ways to begin this process is to initiate change in your personal environment. When was the last time you cleaned out your closet and donated clothes that you no longer wear? Take another small step by re-arranging the furniture in one room. When was the last time you tried something new and exciting? What about a hike, rock climb, ride in a hot-air balloon, parasailing, parachuting? You'd be surprised how invigorated and empowered you will feel after doing something adventurous. Just remember, change and transformation is possible...but it all begins with YOU! PM

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