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Office or don't?

How many times has this been the topic of conversation for you, your friends or colleagues? There is plenty of information available that will support and discourage office romances. According to, office romances are on the rise by 26% from five years ago. There are some advantages of dating in the office. By spending so much time around a person, you get an idea of who they are and how they act and react in smooth moments and in moments of chaos. This will decrease a lot of surprises down the road, if your romance is leading to marriage. Be sure to set expectations early, which will help you maintain a healthy relationship with a person of integrity. There are some disadvantages, as well. The office is often demanding and stressful; therefore, it may cause friction between you and your love interest. Jealousy, rivarly and competition from others in the office may also present another issue for you. Also, be prepared for the rumor mill. You must also consider the aftermath, if the romance ends. How will it impact your professional relationship with this person and others in the workplace? Will your beautiful romance turn into an ugly merry-go-round of accusations, stalking or harassment? Experts agree that if you decide to take this dive, you should keep your romance private. Do not advertise it on social media. Do not show physical displays of affection (PDA) in the office. Eliminate favortism and be certain to follow the rules, policies and protocol as established by your employer. Only you can gauge the benefits and risks of your personal situation. My advice is to choose wisely. Fact remains...the final decision is up to you! PM



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