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Your mindset determines your day!

Our mind is the machine that is controlled by the brain, which is the main control center. Our brains generates our thoughts and thoughts are powerful, because our brains are very powerful.

Our brains have the capability of developing new connections, growing new cells and evolving up until the day we take our last breath. Our brains drive us and we can determine to a certain extent how to steer it. Unfortunately, we typically drive by habits, patterns, ruts and comfort zones.

The good news is that we can move ourselves out of a rut by teaching our brain new patterns. Every second of the each day our brain is firing its neural pathways in response to everything we perceive, process, think, feel and do. That means that every second of the day, we have the opportunity to consciously change our neural pathways that keep us from reaching our full potential and realizing our goals and dreams.

Although genetics plays a part in all of this, so does what we eat, the people we keep in our environment, our physical activities, the material we read, the things we view, the traumas and joys we experience, the life we lead and our day-to-day development determines who we are.

Our brain is the driver! The human brain can normally register over 36 thousand images per hour. Our eyes alone are designed to take in 30 million bits of information per second. Therefore, our brain retains about 1% of this large amount of information and disregards the rest for the sake of its own survival. However, we have a say about what is included in that one percent.

Start your day on a positive note. Before facing the family and the world, take a moment to lie awake and silently acknowledge all the things for which you are grateful: health, ability to work and support yourself & your family, basic freedoms in life, etc. Be mindful that whatever happened yesterday is cannot be changed. Make an assertive effort to enjoy something each day. Pay a compliment to someone. You will make their day and you will experience a feeling of joy, as well. Have a passion and positive mindset in all that you do. If you find that is too stressful to do, then you may want to consider making a change in your life. Make an effort to start your day with quiet meditation or positive affirmations to strengthen your mindset and to build positive energy in your environment. Energy is a vibration that will surely ripple towards everyone around you. When you feel smile more. When you smile...your natural beauty shines forth for the world to see. Napolean Hill says, "what the mind of the man can conceive and believe, it will achieve." Start believing and reaching higher, so that you can achieve your goals and dreams. You'll be glad you did! PM

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