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How's your productivity at work? Are you energetic in the morning, but then run out of steam after lunch? If so, there is a reason for that. To remain productive and busy as bee, you need adequate rest and nutrition to sustain your active lifestyle and high mental stamina. Here are some tips that will help you make it through your day.

Set your priorities. Make task lists in the order of importance. It may be helpful to make a list the night before and update it throughout the day. You will feel better as you begin to delete these tasks off your list. Work earlier hours. An empty quiet office is a great time to work without distractions. It is also helpful to decrease the number of people visitng you throughout the day, so that you can remain focused. What's the big picture? Develop your long-term plans & post them where you can regularly view them. We all need a reminder of why it's important to excel at what we do, because we all are working to reach goals and dreams for ourselves and others. Surf!! Believe it or not, research shows that web browsing for a few minutes each day refreshes you and makes you more productive. Just don't over indulge. Power naps are helpful. You can increase your productivity with a power nap early in the afternoon. It will clearly help you finish the day strong! Pack snacks. Eat high-protein and high fiber snacks for that needed boost. Peanut butter is also a great source of energy. Just decrease your intake of sugar and foods high in fat. Meditate. Take a few moments to do something that will relax you. Stretching and taking a few deep breaths will reinvigorate you. Mas Aqua! All systems are on go when you are fully hydrated, so drink more water. Just remember that it is difficult to stay focused when you are dehydrated. Try these tips and have a more productive week! PM



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