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What is an effective manager?

If you have a job then you may already know that effective managers are difficult to find. The Harvard Business Review recently conducted a study and confirmed that bad managers cost businesses billions of dollars each year. This cannot be fixed when companies get it wrong, so they've got to make an effort to get it right.

Great managers have specialized skills and a passion that cannot be conjured up at a moment's notice. Research also shows that only one in ten people possess all the necessary traits of an effective manager. These 10% naturally engage team members and customers, grow and retain top performers and sustain a culture of high productivity. In addition, they also contribute higher profits to their companies than average or low-performing managers. Effective managers can contribute to the success of any company by possessing the following skill sets: a) They motivate and engage every employee to take action. b) They have the assertiveness to drive outcomes and possess the ability to overcome adversity and workforce resistance. c) They also create a culture of accountability. d) They are also relationship builders. They generate open dialogue, create trust and support full transparency. e) They make key decisions that are based on productivity and not politics.

It is great to select a manager with the technical skills, but if he/she is not adept to managing others, you have a problem. Every company needs good managers and most often key candidates are often in plain sight. If you are responsible for hiring managers, make sure your candidate possesses these skills. If your goal is to become an effective manager, take this article to heart and get to work! PM

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