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Does you have the right keys to enter?

Oftentimes, we see where we want to go with our career, but we fail to ask ourselves the right question. Do I have the keys needed to get there? Or am I wandering around the many rooms of this mansion not knowing how to get to the main boardroom? Am I lost?

Success is what many workers and entrepreneurs chase and expect to see at the end of the rainbow, but we must take a moment to assess what is needed to get there. Here are some common tips that will help you determine where you are now and what is needed to stay on the road to success.

Identify your skills sets. If you open your toolbox right now, what would I see? Would I be able to determine your areas of expertise? Would you be able to tell me what they are? Have they been used and demonstrated to your greatest ability? If not, then you have some work to do.

Identify your skill gaps. Once you can identify your business skills and areas of strength, you can now sit down to determine where are your skill gaps? What separates you from where you from your goal? If it's education, a certification, experience...develop a strategic plan to get it. Don't sit back in frustration. It's relatively easy to make excuses, but that will not help you accomplish your task. For every challenge...there is a solution. Go find it!

Nurture empowered relationships. You may ask, what is an empowered relationship? To be honest, EVERY relationship has the potential to be an empowered relationship! You never know who knows who. Don't let a custodial uniform fool you! You never know who has a trusted relationship with the executive you've been trying to meet. Be known as a person of integrity, a person who is courteous & respectful to everyone. I recently heard this saying, "don't cut what you can simply untie." That means that you shouldn't burn your bridges when you move forward. Maintain cordial relationships everywhere you go.

Cut the fat, but leave the muscle. How's your health? Are you caring for your Temple? Do you care for your body and what you feed it as much as you care for your car and the type of oil & fuel you put in it? Without the proper oil & fuel, you will be calling for roadside assistance. The same holds true for your body, what you put in it and how you exercise and care for it's engine. Re-evaluate your diet and exercise regimen, so that you don't get sick and get sidelined.

Pay attention! Keep your eyes open and look for opportunities to improve your company or make your boss shine. People promote people, who make their lives easier. Be innovative. Be creative. Be strategic.

Step boldly into a new vision, new mindset and develop a new action plan that will enable you to hold the keys to your own success! Good luck. PM



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