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Always toot and self market!

Do you promote and trumpet your successes to senior leadership? Do they know the hard work that you are doing for the company?

Market research shows that self-marketing and promotion is an opportunity for new hires and young professionals to demonstrate their competence and skills to key leaders within the organization. It is also equally important to seek or create opportunities that highlight your contributions and achievements to peers and colleagues.

When high-profile assignments come your way, it may be worth taking them. Just know that it will demand more of your time and effort, but it could result in a tremendous pay-off! Make an effort to work on challenging assignments or collaborate on high-profile projects, so that you can expand your network and gain additional skills from more diverse teams. Also, volunteer to co-author articles in professional publications, conduct research or co-present information to teams with high visibility.

By all means, don't let all of your hard work go to waste. Draw attention to yourself by highlighting your achievements and skills to all levels of your company. Create opportunities that will allow you to collaborate on highly visible projects. Take every opportunity to interact with influential stakeholders and make sure your successes and achievements are visible throughout the organization. Get out there and toot your horn! PM

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