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You work for a micro-manager, now what?

Nothing makes a day longer than to spend the workday with a micro-manager. And if you have ever worked for one, you will know how irritating the experience can be. Micro-managers are often viewed as control freaks, who often second-guess everything you do and they dislike delegating job tasks to others. So, how do you manage around a micro-manager, who is interested in a minute-to-minute detail of everything happening around them?

Well, you may want to start by determining why the manager is acting this way. Is it the need for control, which is fueled by personal insecurity, workplace pressure or lack of confidence? To be honest, most micro-managers have no idea how they are viewed by their employees and others. They also tend to be poor listeners and only hear what they choose to hear and make an assertive effort to insulate themselves from feedback.

To improve this situation, try anticipating the needs of your micro-manager. Identify their triggers and stay ahead of those stressors, so that you can ease their tensions. You may also want to approach the subject with them by simply stating, 'I am concerned that you don't have any confidence in my capabiities.' When the micro-manager makes an inquiry about your statement, show him/her how their micro-management approach has led you to that conclusion.

If your mcro-manager is analytical, you may want to change your strategy by convincing him/her that you are reliable and they need a micro-status report from you on a timely basis that will contain everything he/she will need, which will be a great benefit to them. If the micro-manager agrees with your suggestion, this will create a little work for you, but you will gain so much more in and breathing room.

Also, remember that the micro-manager may also be under a lot of pressure to produce. So show some empathy and understand his or her plight by sharing some of the load. We all need assistance from time to time and your turn may be just around the corner. Be kind and understanding. PM

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