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Mastering the art of war means mastering the art of peace

In society today, everyone is trying to find a way to master their skills and stay ahead of the curve. There are conflicts everywhere, so we look for ways and strategies to not only win the battle, but also to win the war. However, mastering the art of war requires you to master the art of peace!

As we search for creative approaches to conflicts and challenging situations in the workplace, we also work to master business survival skills to minimize the war scars that we collect over the course of a career. But as proven in the principles of Sun Tzu, the battle is not the war. The war is won in the mind of the opposing forces and not on the battleground. And the key strategy to win this war is...PEACE! You can avoid unnecessary problems and conflicts by using practical strategies on the management of people. And the most skillful leader subdues the enemy without fighting. How?

In battle, there are only two methods of attack...the direct and the indirect. Before going to battle, you must first identify the conflict and what you hope to achieve from the resolution? Have you identified the path to success? Is that path the one of least resistance and minimal collateral damage? Have you assessed the risk and the short & long-term consequences? Are you ready to carry that responsibility? Is the end result going to be worth it? When you evaluate all of these factors and study the best practices of others, who have gone down the same road before you, you may soon realize that the lessons learned are that peace is not just the absence of war. It is a measure of personal trust, goodwill and freedom. PM

Reference: Sun Tzu for Success by Gerald Michaelson



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