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Find purpose & meaning in your work

Many of us have asked this question of ourselves, but what was our response? Did we initiate any change as a result of that answer?

What does finding our purpose really mean? What happens, if you ask yourself why are you working this job? How is your job relevant? Can you write down five words to describe what your job means to you? Those five words are an indication of why you do what you do.

For something to have meaning to you there must be an emotional connection that far surpasses titles, presentations and spreadsheets.

To find your purpose, you must first feel a sense of purpose within yourself. We sometimes find purpose in failure, loss and chaos, but always remember to give yourself praise in all that you do. It will also be helpful to add dimension to your life by volunteering in community projects or exposing yourself to other cultures and learning new languages. There is a huge feeling of accomplishment when achieving individual and group goals.

Take the time to pause and reflect upon what you do. Step back and take a higher view of everything without getting too far in the weeds or thinking about the low lying problems. The power of curiosity and choice is the engine of fulfillment, but how you arrive at your true calling is an intricate and highly individual process of discovery.

As Steve Jobs once stated, do not settle in the quest for finding your calling, because it largely rests on your insistence upon the power of intuition. Do what you believe is great work, because that is the only way you are going to be truly satisfied. If you have not found it...keep looking.

Just don't settle. PM



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