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Are You Under Pressure?

Let's face it. We all feel the pressure from time to time from family, friends, job demands and from every aspect of life. But how are you really handling the pressure? How do you respond to it? Is your response effective or does it make the situation worst and/or impact your health negatively? Thankfully, there is a better way!

You have to develop some skills to run this race or else you will not make it very far in good health. Everyone runs a different race at a different pace, so you have to demonstrate your ability to persevere in running the race that is specific to you.

Regardless of your pace or your race, it all starts with patience! Everything happens at it's appropriate time regardless how you try to rush it, push it or pull it. You only find yourself angry and frustrated when you finish with your athletic exercise. So, let's try something different next time to see how it works. Let's try the three P's.

Prayer. It helps you to calm yourself and connect to your center again. It helps to overcome impatience and gives you strength to hold on regardless of outside pressures. It is also a free and practical tool that you can use to make those tough decisions and to combat the obstacles in your path.

Perspective. Whatever you focus upon will grow larger. Therefore, if you place all of your focus and attention on the problem, instead of the solution, the problem will grow larger. Therefore, focus on finding a solution. Take the blinders off and explore every possibility and opportunity. Perspective also helps you to set the pace for your race, instead of allowing your circumstances to set the pace for you.

Preparation. Patience and perseverance are necessary skills for personal growth. They both also prepare you for a higher purpose, so that you can be used in a greater capacity and be in service. There is a plan for your life and the sooner you align with it, the less stressful life will become. The things you cannot see at the present moment oftentimes prepare us for a significant future, so exercise a little patience and watch everything work out for the best. PM

*Reference: God is my CEO-Following God's Principles in a Bottom-Line Word by Larry Julian

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