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Are You Seeking Sound Advice?

You can expect to receive plenty of advice as you develop your strategy for success; therefore, feedback and advice from mentors and advisors along your path to success is critical. Most momumental achievements are rarely accomplished alone without the aid of mentors, advisors or sound counsel.

So what type of wisdom and feedback should you expect to receive from your trusted group of advisors? First and foremost, you should expect them to be honest with you! Here is a brief overview of who should be included into your group.

Wise counselor. Your group should consist of a person, who is not directly involved in your activities, but who will listen and give positive input and constructive feedback. This person should be willing to explore new ideas with you, inspire you and they shouldn't feel threatened by you.

Coach. While a person can provide wise counsel to you for overall wisdom, a coach should know your profession, industry and/or business. A coach will penetrate your defenses and help you to learn more about yourself and highlight your blind spots.

Sponsor. This person occupies a position at a higher level, who will act as your mentor. This person can also be someone serving on boards and committees within your community.

The most important thing to remember is that you should utilize each of these group members to the fullest and be open to honest, meaningful and inteligent discussions. Every voice should be considered, but all advice may not always be sound advice.

Collect the feedback, give everything equal consideration and then make your own decision. This is a great sounding board for exploring and testing new ideas and evaluating possible solutions to problems. PM *Reference: Sun Tzu for Success-Gerald Michaelson



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