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How Sharp is Your Leadership?

Are you in a position of leadership? You are and you probably don't realize it. The truth is that we all lead from whatever position we are in. There is always someone watching, admiring and modeling themselves against your behavior, although they may not verbally express it to you.

So now that we have established that you are a leader, how sharp is your leadership? Let me tell you a secret. Your leadership is as sharp as you are! So let me ask you another question, how sharp are you? How do you define effective leadership?

The keys to unlock effective leadership are: priorities and concentration. If you are efficient in prioritizing your life and your day, but lack concentration, many things will be left undone. The same holds true, if you have a high level of concentration, but fall short in prioritizing. So how should you focus your time and energy?

Focus 70 percent on STRENGTHS. An effective leader who reaches his/her potential spends more time focusing on what they do well. Focus on your strengths and commit your energy, time and resources into those areas.

Focus 5 percent on areas of WEAKNESS. If you know that you don't excel in organizing the administrative functions or the logistics of your office or business, it may be best to delegate those tasks or hire someone to manage them for you. Now you can commit yourself to the things that you do best.

Focus 25 percent on NEW THINGS. Experts will tell you that Growth = Change. To obtain your goals, you must realize that you must keep changing and improving. That also includes stepping out of your comfort zone into new areas. In leadership, if you're through're through!

For more leadership tips and insights, check out the 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader by John C. Maxwell. PM



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