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Upgrade Your Business Wardrobe

We all have heard how we should dress for the job that we desire and that golden rule still applies today, although we are moving towards a more liberal telework environment. However, it is still important to wear professional attire for face-to-face meetings, job interviews, conferences and the like.

First impressions are everything! Transforming your college wardrobe into a more professional look on a budget is especially a high interest topic for students who are a year or so from college graduation since they are facing multiple job interviews, budgetary restrictions and student loan debt as soon as they have their diploma in hand. But there are ways to navigate this issue and still achieve your goal.

First, start with department store coupons! There are multiple smart phone apps that will lead you to the stores that have the most competitive prices. You can spice up wardrobe separates with colorful, ties, scarfs, ascot, jackets and accesssories to sport a new look each week.

More importantly, it's best to shop for clothing at the end-of-the-season! Sales racks of summer clothing are deeply discounted right now, so that stores can make room for winter clothing that is arriving each week. In the south, we are very fortunate that we do not require clothing with a high-wool content. Therefore, most of our clothing items can be worn year-round with an addition of a sweater, jacket, sports coat or vest.

Just remember not to be shy when asking for department store gift cards for your birthday, graduation or any special ocassion. Any assistance will be very helpful and can go a very long way in punching up your wardrobe. Select your clothing items thoughtfully and this goes out to the ladies. Cleavage will get you attention, but it may not be the attention you are seeking. Always, remember that sexual harrassment in the office environment is alive and well and we will cover that topic soon.

For now, get out there and get those deals! PM

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