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What to do when your personal issues seep into the workplace

How many hours do you spend per month at the office vs. the number of hours you have devote to your personal time? And how many times have you heard that you should keep your personal issues separate from the office? That truly sounds great in theory and we do make an assertive effort to obtain a work/life balance everyday. If we all wore white labels representing all the roles we fill in our daily lives, I will venture to say that most of us would look like bandaged mummies. Each of us play multiple roles to multiple people in our lives each day, so how realistic is it to believe that we can separate ourselves and emotions from role to the next? We try our best and some days we manage better than others.

But we must be honest in recognizing that it impossible to be 100% present at the office, at home, at school and in every role we fill each day. We fall short simply, because we are human and that is okay. It is also okay to let your colleagues know that you are not feeling 100% today and you are working through some personal situations, so please be more patient with me. No one needs to know the details. It is not their business. No one needs to know about the argument you just had with a loved one or your challenging financial issues. Keep your explanation simple, succinct and sincere. We all have experienced it, so it is not a new revelation to anyone.

However, always feel free to seek sound advice or counseling through your healthcare provider, a confidant or the employee assistance programs that may be available through your employer. No one should face life challenges alone. This may also be a good time to determine if you are investing your time in a way that achieves a balance in your life. You may discover that you need more personal downtime for yourself, instead of volunteering to work overtime. Always remember that time is NOT a renewable resource! Once it is is gone. Are you investing your time wisely? If not, make the necessary adjustments that will allow you to achieve more balance in your life. PM



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