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Do you have the business skills that your company values?

Have you spend countless hours applying for positions and promotional opportunities that don't seem to pan out? Do you feel that your efforts are leading you in a path that terminates with a sign that says, "dead end?" Step back for a minute and ask yourself, if you have the leadership skills that your company values?

How do you find out what your company values? For starters, review their strategic plan, mission statement, cultural statement and their list of leadership competencies. Do your skills align with the visionary goals of the company? Where is your company trying to go? Where does your company see itself five or ten years from now? Can you help them get there with your current skill sets or do you need to acquire more tools in your toolbox before bringing value to the table? What does the company's cultural statement really say to you? The cultural statement sets the tone and foundational values of the company and it's employees.

In most companies, there is a list of leadership competencies that have been identified as the skill sets that are needed to groom and develop aspiring leaders within the organization. This is the list of skills that help the decision-makers identify top performers, who have the potential to lead in a larger capacity within the organization. These are also the individuals, who are being observed and considered for promotional opportunities and organizational succession planning.

Sit down and take an honest assessment of your business and leadership skills. You may also consider having a discussion with your mentor, coach or colleague, who will give you an objective and honest assessment. Align yourself with an organization that shares your values and an organization that values YOU! Get off that dead-end road and get on an interstate highway, so that you can cruise at an increased speed! PM

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